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Katie McGinnis assumed the role of Home Ownership Center Coordinator replacing Linda Smith who retired in 2019.  Katie is a seasoned NHS employee with over 10 years of experience working in the Home Ownership Center as the previous Housing Counselor.  Along with advising clients, Katie is now responsible for managing the Home Ownership Center and its programs.

Teresa Brown is the new Housing Counselor in the NHSSW Home Ownership Center.  Teresa is training to counsel new homebuyers on eHomeAmerica Homebuyer Education,  down payment assistance loans and seniors looking at Reverse Mortgages otherwise known as HECM counseling.  She has already taken and been certified in Home Ownership and HECM Counseling.

Rachel Cox was hired as an Administrative Specialist replacing Deb Adams who retired in 2019.  Rachel’s primary responsibilities will be to assist the Executive Director with Board of Director Meetings and Accounting duties.

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