NHS of Southwest Wisconsin (NHSSW) is thought of as one of the best-established developers in Richland County.  NHS’s first
stick built home was completed in 1995.  After 53 New Construction homes, NHSSW is now rehabbing  homes in Richland County in
their new Acquisition Rehab Resale Home Program.

Program Mission Statement: NHSSW is committed to revitalizing homes in Richland County.  Using quality renovations to bring
challenged homes to decent, safe and sanitary condition.  Keeping these homes affordable and using local resources.

The purpose is to improve housing in Richland County by purchasing homes that may need some work and make quality renovations to
hem.  Bringing the homes to a minimum of decent, safe and sanitary with energy efficiency in mind.  Then resell to income qualified households.

The income qualified household could also be eligible for a **0%, interest deferred, down payment loan.

Check out our down payment loan page for more information on how to qualify!

Homes for Sale Page.

**Program Limits apply