Community Development Block Grant – Emergency Assistance Program

NHS of Southwest Wisconsin is contracted to administer the CDBG-EAP Program and are now
accepting applications for assistance.  Deadline for NHSSW to accept applications is May 31, 2019.

Richland County Home Owners who had damage to their home from the August 17 – September 14, 2018 flooding, is the property owner’s principle place of residence and property household  is at/or under 80% County Median Income, may be eligible for a grant to make needed repairs or reimburse for repairs already made or eligible insurance deductions.

If your home was damaged as a result of the flooding that took place in Richland County, August 17 – September 14, 2018,  please give us a call for questions, an application or make an appointment to discuss the funding.

Some activities that could be eligible are; furnace and water heaters, sewer laterals, wells, septic systems, electrical, demolition of hazardous structures, flood mitigation for home. Only damage from the flood will be covered.
Land Contracts and Life Estates are eligible.
No Credit check is done.
Grants are for replacement value of damage.
Reimbursement is allowed for eligible items based on paid receipts and other funding requirements.

Don’t wait to apply! First come, first documented and bid, first to be served.

Click to Print:Brochure 2018

Click to Print: 2018 CDBG EAP application

Richland County was awarded CDBG-EAP Assistance to aid homeowners  that had damage to their homes as a result of the flooding that occurred August 17 – September 14, 2018.  NHS of Southwest Wisconsin is administering the grant and is the agency to contact for help.

Questions? Call: 608-647-4949, Ext. 307 or E-mail: