Foreclosure Intervention

The NHS Home Ownership Center assists people who are seeking to retain their home.  Offering financial counseling for those struggling with mortgage payments and facing possible foreclosure.  We have offered free, impartial counseling services for over 30 years.

There are two highly trained housing counselors who offer real help for homeowners struggling to sustain their housing. We provide free, confidential phone and face-to-face counseling for homeowners who are currently in foreclosure or who are concerned about falling behind on mortgage payments.  We help homeowners sort through their questions and fears, understand their options, and actually work with their mortgage institution to find acceptable alternatives to foreclosure.  We are an excellent resource for accurate, up-to-date foreclosure and housing information, credit and financial counseling, and referrals to other services and programs.

The Worst Thing to Do is Nothing:

NHS of Southwest Wisconsin helps homeowners make informed decisions and take necessary action when worried about foreclosure.  NHS’s highly trained foreclosure intervention counselors help homeowners navigate the foreclosure process by answering their questions, explaining their options, and working with their bank.

In a typical consultation, your foreclosure intervention counselor will:


  • Review your hardship to fully understand your specific situation
  • Review your income and spending to help you explore ways to take greater control of your money
  • Pull and review your credit report
  • Examine the alternatives to foreclosure that may be best suited to your situation
  • Develop a written action plan and determine the next steps to successfully navigate the foreclosure process and your chosen alternative

Some Foreclosure Avoidance Tips from NHS of Southwest Wisconsin:

  1. Maintain emergency savings equal to 3 months’ of expenses
  2. Prioritize your spending by developing a “crisis spending plan.”
  3. Contact your lender as soon as you know you’ll have a problem making your mortgage payment
  4. Be alert to scams
  5. Get help from a housing counselor trained in foreclosure alternatives
  6. Learn about alternatives to foreclosure

To learn more about how to retain your home, please visit the Foreclosure Intervention pages listed below: