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COVID-19 UPDATE March 23, 2020
We know many of you are following the Coronavirus very closely, as are we.

The Park Hotel Senior Citizen Apartments is asking that only essential personnel and family assisting residents make visits.

All NHSSW services are still being offered. Although, we’ve curtailed walk-ins, please call 608-647-4949 or email .
**Although our offices are closed during the Safer at Home duration, we are checking our voicemail. Response time may be delayed due to these extraordinary circumstances.

NHSSW is still doing emergency repairs in the City of Richland Center. An Emergency consists of situations such as:
_No water
_No hot water
_No heat if night temperatures are below 45
_Plumbing waste system not working
_Any damages or repairs that cannot otherwise be repaired that the Development Coordinator deems an immediate threat to health or safety

Please call 608-647-4949 and use the following extensions to reach
the service you need:
Down Payment —Ext. 308
Rehab Homeowner or Rental—Ext. 307—emergency home repairs
Financial and Housing Counseling—Ext. 308
Community and Hispanic Outreach—Ext. 300
Park Hotel Senior Citizen Apartments—Ext. 303

The COVID-19 pandemic is and unprecedented event that has changed how we interact with each other.

NHS of Southwest Wisconsin is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our staff and those we serve. We have taken action to maintain a healthy community by being available to communicate via the telephone or email.

Together we can flatten the curve!

608-647-4949 email at

Office hours are 8:30am-4:30pm M-F