Personal Finances

Whether your goal is to purchase a home or keep your home, NHS of Southwest Wisconsin offers individual consultations to help you make your money work harder for you.

Perhaps you are saving for a down payment or working to repair past credit issues so that you can buy your first home.  Maybe you have had a cut in income and are struggling to make your mortgage payment.  NHS counselors are available to review your budget and help you make a plan to reach your goal.  On-going coaching in available if you would benefit by being accountable to someone:  setting a goal and knowing you will be reporting your progress to your coach.  Counselors have a variety of tools and resources to help you.   There is no fee for this service and is available to anyone with a housing-related goal.

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Periodically, NHS offers seminars or workshops on personal finances.

Topics may include:

  • Understanding a credit report and ways to boost your score
  • Making a spending plan that is comfortable for you
  • Exploring ways to live affordably and build your wealth

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